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Entice (Eagle Elite) - Rachel Van Dyken

This series is so fast pace it is crazy at times, and crazy in a good way! This is Chase's story but we get a good bit of Nixon, Trace, Tex and Mo too. The story alternate POVs through out the book and while sometimes I find this confusing it was not in this case. The main POVs are Chase and Mils but we get to enjoy few from Nixon and Tex as well. Chase is still nursing a broken heart from losing Trace to Nixon but still loves Nixon like an brother and would love to love Trace. Chase is marrying Mil to protect her but also to protect himself. Who knew an obligation could become a reward, this is if they all don't get themselves killed first!

Nash  - Jay Crownover

My rule is that any book that can brings me to happy tears will always get 5 stars. Nash is no exception to this rule and I may have loved Nash more then Rule (maybe). Nash is a good guy that has been through a lot but always had his uncle and his friends by his side. When he learns that his uncle is dieing and really his Father it throws his life in a direction that he did not expect. Nash meets Saint, a girl from high school that he always liked but some how hurt her back then. He has to teach her to trust him and himself while he lets go of some of his past as well. This a a beautiful story and I truly love the Marked Men.

Sweet Reckoning - Wendy Higgins

Bittersweet but still perfect. This is the final book in the sweet evil series and it is sad to see it end but Wendy finished the series beautifully. There are some sad and some happy parts in this final book. Was it an HEA? For some it was, for others not so much but as fellow author Jennifer Armentrout likes to say HEAs have to be earned and this one was well earned and came from love. Thank you Wendy for a great series!

Leo  - Mia Sheridan

I really loved this book, it is another beautiful story about strength and healing. There is a secret that I figured out pretty early and I wish it was more of a shock but how it came about and why was just as important and what I was waiting for. This is the second Mia Sheridan book I have read and she is quickly becoming one of my go to authors.

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

4.5 Stars and Wow, wow and Wow! This story was so good and had so many twists and turns I was guessing the whole time. This story has elements of Pretty Little Liars and Mean Girls but so much better!!!!!! This is a YA thriller and our girl Samantha finds herself alone in the woods with no memory of herself or her life before and her best friend is missing and she does not even remember her. The story unfolds beautifully and the ending was great and caught be off guard. I do think the ending was a bit quick and would have like another chapter after the mystery was solved to clean up a few things but I still completely loved it!

Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher

This is one of those books that are hard to describe, it is a suspense but it is also a romance but not a typical romance in any sense of the word. This book is not a long book but it is a book that you will read slowly because every word, every thought, every conversation is important and you will not want to skim any of. This book pulls at your heart but teaches you how to live. This book will leave you emotionally drained but content at the same time. The story is masterfully written and unfolds if a way that is fascinating and completely engrossing. Is there a HEA? Yes, no I am still not sure. Just like the rest of the book it is anything buy typical and at the same time beautiful.

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward

I seem to have a love hate relationship with these books. I loved the first 5 (yes even the 5th one) Hated #6 and have been ok with the rest. What I have hated with the rest has been the same for almost all of them. Too many story lines in one book that have nothing to do with the main plot of the book. I am all for setting up for future books but it does not have to be done will full chapters especially when they do not link to the main story in any way. It is the same with THE KING. I love love loved the Beth and Wrath story I really did and I was so happy with how all of that played out but I had to wade through so many other chapters to get there it was almost not worth it at times. I also thought we were going to solve the John/Darius issue is this book and there would have been a few places in the story it would have worked perfectly so I thought I liked the chapters with John in them ( ok I did, but) she did not address it and just left it hanging. I thought I was done with this series after the last one but when I saw that this book was going to be about Wrath and Beth I had to give the series another try. I am glad I did because I fell in love with Wrath all over again but I am not sure I want to continue with the book after this one. This would have been a 6 star book for me if she focused only on Wrath and Beth the the other plots that were linked to them. The rest could have waited or been placed in novellas to set us up for the next book.

Kiss This: The McCallans, Book One (Volume 1) - Hadley Quinn

I really loved this story, the banter between Camryn and Teague was a lot of fun and the two were great together. This is a story about learning to trust and love again but it is done with humor and snarky dialogue. Teague is from a Hollywood family that he would rather not be a part of and Camryn is still trying to get off a terrible loss. Together they a a great team but Teague's secrets might tear them apart if he is not careful and learns to trust her. It is a great book and I will be reading the next one very soon.

Four Years Later - Monica  Murphy

This was Owen's story and Owen's story alone. Yes we got to see Fable and Drew but it was very much his story. I really enjoyed it, there were not a lot of surprises here but the story is sweet and honest and we see Owen trying to do the right thing for so many people he does not always know how to do right by himself. We see him grow and Chelsea is a good and fun influence on him, very happy for this whole family I have grown to love.

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

I know I have said this before but I just do not know how Colleen does it. She is able to put so much emotion into a book it is almost too much but at the same time it is just perfect. This book was just perfect. There were points in the book I was laughing so hard I was crying and then there were parts that I was just crying for Sydney and Ridge. This book alternates POVs and you will feel for both of them. Sometimes there is no right or wrong there is just love and love does not always play fair even if the people try to do what is right.

If you do not already know this is an unusual book in that there is also a soundtrack to go with it. I bought the album before the book came out and listened to if for about 2 weeks before I read the book. It was a wonderful way to experience the story as I was singing some of the songs Sydney and Ridge wrote while I was reading along. If you do not have the album yet, it is worth it too!

Archer's Voice - Mia Sheridan

This was such a beautiful story and I am so happy I chose to try this book. Bree and a recent college graduate that had just lost her father and she was feeling alone in the world and decided to get away to "find herself", which she admits she is really just running away. She moves herself to Maine, to the last place she had a happy memory of her whole family. While there she meets Archer, a gorgeous man that is a loner and has been isolated from the world and the town since he was 7 years old. Archer does not speak and the small town mostly ignores him but Bree saw something in him right away and tries to be his friend. As Bree learns how to communicate with Archer we learn more about both of them and Archer starts to come out of his shell. The story is beautifully paced and while Bree helps Archer she never pushes and soon Archer learns how to help himself. This is a wonderful story of healing, and trust and while I don't want to give anything else away it does have an HEA, I was worried for a chapter and a half and about to throw the book across the room but the HEA is there and it is a wonderful one.

Toxic (Ruin Book 2) - Rachel Van Dyken

Toxic is almost as emotional of a book as Ruin and it is a beautiful one. Gabe has a secret, one his friends would never suspect and when he meets Saylor his past and his present collide and he can no longer hide anymore. This is a story of mistakes and betrayal but also of learning to love again. And while I say it is almost as emotional as Ruin, it may in reality be just as emotional but I was just more prepared for it. Ruin still takes my breath away and Toxic will for you too.

White Hot Kiss  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout always has the best characters and this book does not disappoint. We have Layla a strong girl who is half Warden ( the protector from demons) and half Demon. She lives with a group of Wardens and is treated well by most of them. There is Zayne a Warden who Layla loves, maybe like a brother maybe more but they are friends and of course in JLA fashion he is very hot! And then there is Roth, a demon who we should hate because they are the bad guys right? Maybe. Roth has been sent from Hell to protect Layla from what we do not know at the start of the book, but we learn as the story goes on and we learn if we can really trust Roth, he is a demon after all. The lines of good and bad and right and wrong get blurred very quickly in the book but the one thing I know for sure I want the next book like now!!!!

Forever Freed - Laura Kaye

This is the second Laura Kaye book I have read but the first Vampire book from her that I have read ( so far) it was really a very beautiful story about finding love and the healing power of love.  The story is slow to start but once Sam and Lucien start to get to know each other the story is really great.  Sam has a daughter Ollie ( Olivia) and she is just a charmer and is someways brings Sam and Lucien together.  The vampires in this book are similar to the vampires in the twilight series but are less moody and don't sparkle! but other then how these vampires behave and feed the similarities stop there.  It is beautifully written, the characters are great and I look forward to reading all of Laura Kaye's books vampire and otherwise in the very near future.

Seaside Series

20445724I don't usually review books as a group but I read these as a set even though I only intended to read one start a different book come back to the series, you get the idea.  But I just couldn't. I loved these books a lot and I just had to see the series through.  Each book is great and each story get better and better.  A lot of people did not love the first one but I really enjoyed it.  It does involve a love triangle and some serious family issues but it was really good.  I loved Pull; Demitri is great and his relationship  with Alec, Nat and Lyssa is just so sweet. The books build on each other and the brothers growth, it is a wonderful series and I am looking forward to the next one!

Hard As It Gets  - Laura Kaye

What a great read! Fast paced, sexy, suspenseful, and a great mystery too all wrapped in a package of an ex army special forces team that are based out of a tattoo shop. And while not the best part but pretty close for me is that is was set in Baltimore, where I am from and that made me enjoy every scene in the city even more, but location does not matter if you are reading the book for Men, Mystery and Romance!