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Be With Me - J. Lynn

I still am in a bit of a book hangover with this book so I may update this later but I loved this book! JLA never disappoints and this is no exception. Jase and Tess are wonderful and while I wanted to strangle Jase at several points in the story I knew an HEA would come and it would be well earned, I think it was even harder earned then Wait for You. Such great emotion for both and such a great story. My only question is what did Jase get Tess for Christmas??????

All the Pretty Poses (Pretty Series) (Volume 2) - M. Leighton

4.5 stars. I loved Reece and Kennedy's story. Reece is an arrogant guy but even when he is thinks he is being honest with himself about how he thinks he feels you can tell he feels more, which is good because he would be hard to like otherwise. Kennedy has past that was not pretty and Reece was the best part of it and part of the worst at the same time. She tries to keep her heart safe but it hard to really keep Reece at a safe distance. Their reunion is a surprise and it is beautiful how they get together, before it starts to fall apart again. HEA is the ending but it is well and hard earned.

Up From the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

This is the last of the Cat and Bones books and it was wonderful, it did not feel like an end though and I am hopeful we will see them from time to time in other series and spin offs.  I will always love this series and I think the first 2 will always be my favorite, not that the others were not great they were and I loved them but the first 2 have a special place in my heart.  Up From the Grave ties up some lose ends from previous books and starts a new chapter for Cat and Bones, one we may never see in print but a new one none the less.  I loved the interaction with all of the characters and that we got to see everyone in this book.  I also loved that my town played a part in this last book, it was such a fun and nice surprise.

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

There is always something magical about Sarah Addison Allen's books but this book is lyrical. A wonderful story that centers around a mother and daughter recovery from the loss of their husband and father but the other characters in the book have such and important role to say they are supporting characters would be unfair. Sarah weaves past and present, hopes and dreams into this story so well it almost sings to you. Some books you read and you enjoy the story, others flood your senses and you are immersed in the story and world from the beginning, this is one of those stories. I loved every single character and every story line, I even have a new love for alligators. Thank you Sarah.

A Little Too Hot - Lisa Desrochers

Holy Plot twists Lisa! I loved it. This book was really wonderful but quite different from the first two in certain ways. One was the plot twist, which I knew the book had one before I started so I was guessing and while I was not too far off I still was completely surprised by it and how it came about, that has not happened to me in a long time and I loved it! I really feel for both Sam and Harrison through the whole book and was really cheering them on. I did miss the tour of a new city, we had Rome in the first book and NYC in the second so I was expecting a tour of a new city here but it did not take away the love of the book for me at all. While this book is a stand alone it is someone connected to the first book, so while not required some references will make more sense if you have read A little to Far.

Ruined (The Eternal Balance, Book One) - Jus Accardo

Talk about tormented! Jax is living with a demon inside of him and in love with a girl he can never trust himself to have. Jax spends a good portion of the book trying to push Samantha away but it is clear he loves her and she loves him, even the demon can't keep them apart. I loved the pain that Jax goes through, it really makes him a great character. The story and plot are great but I found at times that solutions and characters came out of know where, especially when Jax is such a loaner by nature. The ending was great, not quite and HEA but not a cliff hanger either which is a nice set up for the next book. Looking forward to it.

Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason, Sarah Hansen

2.5 stars. This book could have been so much better. The idea is classic and cute. Girl moves into an apartment with 3 guys ( models no less) and romance happens.  It has classic romantic comedy written all over it.  But is this case the author decides to throw in a little parnormal with a psychic mother and the daughter being an empath but she never uses her ability so why it is even mentioned I don't understand. The models are never at the apartment enough for Dora the main character to have enough interaction with to really build the story.   There are funny grandparent characters thrown in that I did not mind but added nothing to the story even though it easily could have.  We had dialogue that was not needed and scenes that seemed to have been cut from the book that I would have really like to have seen.  I actually liked the characters which usually does not happen when I rate book this low, but the characters were fine, the story at times was like a run on sentence by a 4 year old and I just wanted to get to the point.    

Salt - Danielle Ellison

This is the debut novel for Danielle Ellison and it was excellently done. This YA paranormal creates a world that is explained in the way that makes it interesting and does bore the reader; you are introduced to the world in very enjoyable way. The characters are well developed but we are still left with some mystery about that and I always love that. Penelope is a strong character and when she meets Carter she is even stronger. I love a great hero but when the heroine is just as strong it makes the story so much better. Salt has elements of other stories I love, still perfectly original but if you enjoy paranormal romance books this is one that you should read.

Rome  - Jay Crownover

I love these guys, Romes story is amazing and he a Cora a great together. I loved that we saw and heard more from Shaw and Rule and the set up for Nash's story was really well done. The marked boys have a depth to them that you would not expect but as I have said before that is what makes for such a wonderful book.

Conquered by a Highlander (Children of the Mist #4) - Paula Quinn

Sometimes I really just need to read a historical romance and Paula Quinn will always be on my go to list for this genre. Conquered by a Highlander is no exception, it has the perfect balance of hero, heroine and history. I love how Paula weaves King James history into her stories as I have become a Jacobite at heart.

Jet  - Jay Crownover

Who knew I could fall in love with tattooed and pierced men but Jay Crownover has done it again. Jet is wonderful and always trying to do the right thing by everyone and losing himself in the process, Ayden is the good girl with a very bad past she would like to hide and forget. Together they have to learn to trust that each of their pasts only make them better together. I love Jet and I love Ayden and all of these boys, they are so much more then what everyone sees and that makes for an incredible story.

Rule - Jay Crownover

This is a wonderful NA book, the characters are both strong and help each other through out the story. I loved that Shaw never wanted to change Rule even if Rule thought he needed to be changed. I loved that they knew each other for so long and Shaw never took any crap from Rule but still loved him for who he was. This story did not have a typical misunderstandings that you see in so many romances for the most part and everything was out on the table so the speak. Shaw spoke her mind and just needed to get Rule to see the truth. There were not a lot of swoon moments in this book for me but a lot of sexy ones. If was a fun read and I loved the characters.

One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy

This is a sweet story that you expect to be a romantic comedy but is much more then that.  Fable is the stronger character in this story and Drew is the one that needs to be rescued, it is  twist to the NA romance we do not see very often and I loved it. Thank you Monica!

A Little Too Much - Lisa Desrochers

I really loved this story, it was different from the first story but still about two people finding the truth about themselves and each other. No love triangles this time. Hillary has a secret and while I guessed the secret early on the author does a great job of bringing it out slowly to the point that you think you might be wrong but you are not upset when you are right. I really enjoy Lisa Desrochers writing and how the location in each of these stories has become a character itself.

Elect  - Rachel Van Dyken

Thank you Net Galley for allowing me to review this book. This book was great, it takes place exactly where Elite leaves off and you hit the ground running! I love all of the characters and while I am not a fan of love triangles this one is needed for everyone's safety. At times I did find the book too fast paced and wished Rachel would slow down the story and the relationship to give us some sweet time with Nixon, Chase and Trace before everything hits the fan, and with the stakes these people deal with it is a big fan. I am looking forward to the next book in this series because even if I feel some things were a bit rushed Rachel does not disappoint!

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer

3.75 stars! I met Brigid Kemmerer at a book signing but had not read her book yet and decided to buy it as the idea sounded interesting and a new take on the paranormal. I was glad I did and I really enjoyed the book but I did have a few issues with the story. There is a lot going on in the book especially for a first book in a series. The characters are great but I felt at times that we needed more time to get to know them and did not need as much action as we had. We also have a lot of characters and I had a hard time keeping everyone straight at times. While I really enjoyed the story I think it would have been better if we did not have a love triangle in book one and the Father issues all in the same story.

All in all it is a great story and I am starting the second on right now because even though I thought there was too much going  in book one it was a lot of fun and I want more of the brothers!