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Archer's Voice - Mia Sheridan

This was such a beautiful story and I am so happy I chose to try this book. Bree and a recent college graduate that had just lost her father and she was feeling alone in the world and decided to get away to "find herself", which she admits she is really just running away. She moves herself to Maine, to the last place she had a happy memory of her whole family. While there she meets Archer, a gorgeous man that is a loner and has been isolated from the world and the town since he was 7 years old. Archer does not speak and the small town mostly ignores him but Bree saw something in him right away and tries to be his friend. As Bree learns how to communicate with Archer we learn more about both of them and Archer starts to come out of his shell. The story is beautifully paced and while Bree helps Archer she never pushes and soon Archer learns how to help himself. This is a wonderful story of healing, and trust and while I don't want to give anything else away it does have an HEA, I was worried for a chapter and a half and about to throw the book across the room but the HEA is there and it is a wonderful one.