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White Hot Kiss  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout always has the best characters and this book does not disappoint. We have Layla a strong girl who is half Warden ( the protector from demons) and half Demon. She lives with a group of Wardens and is treated well by most of them. There is Zayne a Warden who Layla loves, maybe like a brother maybe more but they are friends and of course in JLA fashion he is very hot! And then there is Roth, a demon who we should hate because they are the bad guys right? Maybe. Roth has been sent from Hell to protect Layla from what we do not know at the start of the book, but we learn as the story goes on and we learn if we can really trust Roth, he is a demon after all. The lines of good and bad and right and wrong get blurred very quickly in the book but the one thing I know for sure I want the next book like now!!!!