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Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason, Sarah Hansen

2.5 stars. This book could have been so much better. The idea is classic and cute. Girl moves into an apartment with 3 guys ( models no less) and romance happens.  It has classic romantic comedy written all over it.  But is this case the author decides to throw in a little parnormal with a psychic mother and the daughter being an empath but she never uses her ability so why it is even mentioned I don't understand. The models are never at the apartment enough for Dora the main character to have enough interaction with to really build the story.   There are funny grandparent characters thrown in that I did not mind but added nothing to the story even though it easily could have.  We had dialogue that was not needed and scenes that seemed to have been cut from the book that I would have really like to have seen.  I actually liked the characters which usually does not happen when I rate book this low, but the characters were fine, the story at times was like a run on sentence by a 4 year old and I just wanted to get to the point.