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Shame (Ruin Book 3) (Volume 3) - Rachel Van Dyken

This is the final book in the Ruin series and it packs a big punch. Lisa on the surface looks like she is the perfect college student, happy confident and easy going. But underneath she has had an experience none of us would ever want to have, she came out better for it but it left her with a lot of guilt, guilt she did not deserve. Then the met Tristen, who seemed to love and hate her at the same time but as he got to know her, he could never hate her. This book was wonderful and I was never sure of Tristan at the beginning but I very much wanted him to be the one for Lisa, she deserved an HEA after what she went through. Like all of the other books in the series there is wonderful heart felt emotion and great humor too. The perfect balance that will make you come back to Rachel's books again and again.