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Foreplay - Sophie Jordan

I was really looking forward to this book, one of my favorite authors wrote about it along with a few bloggers I follow that had gotten ARCs. It did not disappoint. Pepper is in College and in love with her best friend's brother Hunter. Hunter does not think of her as anything more then a friend and when he breaks up with his girl friend Peppers want to find a way to change how he feels. With the help of her roommates, a willing bartender, Reece, they work on teaching Pepper how to get Hunter to notice her but plans may end of changing for Pepper after all.

This story is very fun, with lots of fun and awkward moments. Pepper is very sweet and honest and Reece is a good guy masked in a bit of a bad boy mystery. The ending was a bit of the classic cliche for me but I still loved every moment. There were no bad guys here and I hope we get to see all of the characters again soon. 4.5 stars.