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Blackmoore: A Proper Romance (Proper Romances)

Blackmoore - Julianne Donaldson 3.5 stars There were parts of the books I really enjoyed but other parts that were really lacking for me. I enjoy Julianne Donaldson's writing style and I think I always will but this book left me wanting more. We have a case of two overbearing mothers trying to control Kate and Henry and to be together they have to get past that. We have a happy ending and I am grateful for that but what happened with the mothers? What happened with Blackmoore?, we get a very poor hint in the very short last chapter about Blackmoore but nothing more. There were too many strings that were not tied up in the end for me to really enjoy this book and too little of Henry in the beginning for me to really be interested. I wanted to love it but I just could not.