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Losing Hope: A Novel

Losing Hope  - Colleen Hoover You know you have read a good book when you can not get it out of your head and you don't want to, that was very much the case with HOPELESS. I was not ready to leave their world even if a good part of it was heart wrenching. LOSING HOPE is HOPELESS from Holder's POV and usually when I hear that I am turned off as it seems like just a way for the author to sell the same book again. That is not the case with this book. In HOPELESS we learn that both SKY and HOLDER have a have a lot of baggage, SKY has some she does not even know about at first but HOLDER, OMG is you loved him in HOPELESS you will adore him LOSING HOPE. You will feel his pain and his bravery in every word. Simply Incredible.