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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward I did not want to like this book, I wanted to give this series one more try and give up on it. I was wrong and I am so happy that I was. Who knew you could make a drug lord so lovable! This book was wonderful, everything the first 4 books were and more. We had more interaction with the other brothers, less street talk ( that was starting to get old for me) and more of what I loved from the first 4. I even liked 5 a lot but the 6th books was hard to finish and made me want to stay away from the series. Now I am having a very hard time not reading the next one. My only complaint is that is had so many story lines in the beginning it was a bit too much to take but once they started coming together if was clearly worth it. I am going to make myself take a break and read a lighter story next but I will be back to Lover Mine very very soon.