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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout Amazing!!!!!!! I am such a Fan of Jennifer Armentrout, I have not found a book of hers I have not loved and this is no exception. Origin is a game changer for the LUX series in so many ways, if I say too much it will be spoilers galore. I will say it does not take too long for Kat and Daemon to find each other ( thank you for that Jennifer) but once they do the real trials begin. We have plenty of swoon worthy quotes for Daemon but I always want more! They are both smart with their decisions this time and I am thankful for that but they still can not always trust the ones they love.

The 5th and last of the series will be out next Spring or Summer, my birthday is in May, I would love LUX #5 for my Birthday. Hint, Hint Jennifer ;-)