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Rowdy - Jay Crownover

Could not put down, cried a little and want to reread my favorite scenes again and again. These are my top 3 reasons to give a book 5 stars and this book should have 6! Rowdy might just be my favorite of the Marked Men books but I might have said that about the last one and the one before that. There are just something about these boys and their family of friends that you just want to love and support as much as they do. I also noted that Jay added a few more characters to the family in this book it was brilliantly done with the right amount of care and heart but with out taking over the Rowdy story line. I very much hope this means we will have many more Marked books to come.

Shame (Ruin Book 3) (Volume 3) - Rachel Van Dyken

This is the final book in the Ruin series and it packs a big punch. Lisa on the surface looks like she is the perfect college student, happy confident and easy going. But underneath she has had an experience none of us would ever want to have, she came out better for it but it left her with a lot of guilt, guilt she did not deserve. Then the met Tristen, who seemed to love and hate her at the same time but as he got to know her, he could never hate her. This book was wonderful and I was never sure of Tristan at the beginning but I very much wanted him to be the one for Lisa, she deserved an HEA after what she went through. Like all of the other books in the series there is wonderful heart felt emotion and great humor too. The perfect balance that will make you come back to Rachel's books again and again.

Worn Me Down (Playing With Fire #3) - T.E. Sivec

I really do love this series and while they can be read as stand alone they are enjoyed just as much read in order. This is Austin and Gwen's story. We met both in the previous book but know more about Gwen's background then Austin, so much so that I got confused at first when I read the description and thought I had read this book ( don't hate me I read a lot of books) but it was just a case of knowing and remembering and loving the characters. This book is a wonderful story or learning to trust and learning to love for both of the characters. This book has great heart and wonderful banter between the characters and that always makes a great book for me.

Black Lies - Alessandra Torre

This book was simply amazing a put together perfectly. The description is dead on and yet wrong at the same time and I loved it. I really can not say too much about the plot because it will be too easy to give away but the plot is wonderful, there is a twist that you may figure out or you may not. The clues are there but even if you do figure it out you will never be quite sure until closer to the end and even then there is more to the story. Lana is wonderful, I agreed with all of her choices, don't judge her is right. You will understand soon enough. Brant is great too, this is not a love triangle book, not in anyway you would suspect and it is such a good story because of that.

Only This: The McCallans, Book Three - Hadley Quinn

3.75 Stars for me. I enjoyed to book but it lacked the charm of the first two. It greatly improved in the last few chapters but the book was a bit too introspective for me. I missed the humor and the banter that the first two had for me. The characters were wonderful but the charmed that was there for the main characters was forced until the end. Still a great book in the series and a series I will continue to read.

Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I am sorry to see this series go but it ended wonderfully. We see all of the characters we loved come together and even a few new allies made. With one exception the death count in the book is not bad and well deserved. Kat and Daemon are great together and while I promise no spoilers they are separated for a bit at the very beginning but thankfully you will not have to wait long for that part of the story to be resolved. In typical Armentrout fashion the banter is fun and wonderful and breaks up some very tense situations without being over done. We get out HEA but it is well earned and takes a lot of help to get there. I still want to know what is in the note from book one, I think we need a box set with a bonus!

The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness

What can I say, I loved it. Deborah Harkness has woven and wonderful story that pulls threads from the other two books and brings everything full circle. This book was more like the first book for me which I absolutely adored by the way. It is not as world sweeping as the second book but there is still plenty of travel. We meet up with some characters from the past ( chapter 18 made me cheer) and some characters we only heard about in the other books have important roles in this one. We make some new friends and solidify who the real enemies are. There are plenty of surprises in this book that will not allow you to set it down. This is an elegant book that is intelligently written with a lot of heart. Diana and Matthew are two characters I will always love but my heart breaks for Gallowglass; I adore him too and so will you.

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead

I think I might have read this book too quickly to really enjoy it but I was too worried about Sydney and Adrian. The book is really good but I did want Adrian a little stronger from the very beginning and it was slow to get going. Sydney is great from the start and while the ending makes me want the next book now it resolved the most pressing issue for this book and left us hanging on others. February can not come soon enough!

Dark Witch - Nora Roberts

3.5 stars for me. I like the characters, I liked the plot, I liked the paranormal aspect of the book and will all that you would think I would have liked it more. But for me I think the problem was the pacing of the story. The story starts off in the past and moved to present day and the pacing is just too fast. There is no discovery, no mystery to the characters, they all know what they are a accept it. Even the romance was too fast, not that I did not agree with it. Then Nora Roberts decides to back track and slow the romance down but that was just as forced as the fast paced romance was. This is the first book in the series and I liked everything enough to read the rest but I felt like the series should have been 4 books, the first to set up the plot with a hint of romance and then the rest to bring the characters together and solve the bigger issue.

Stinger - Mia Sheridan

I am seriously in love with Carson and Mia Sheridan writing. When I started this book I was worried it would be a over sexed filled story with not much plot. I should have trusted Mia, as I have before. Carson even with what he did in the beginning it was obvious he was so much more. I loved him almost right away and my love for him and Grace just grew as the story went on. Mia has the talent to create a beautiful story about love and growth with just the right amount of emotion to make it a beautiful story but not painful to get to the happy ending.

Better When He's Bad  - Jay Crownover

This is the kind of NA story I love. And Jay Crownover does it perfectly. Bax is bad and he will not deny it but with any good hero there are other layers to him and as we uncover those layers we soon realize that bad is not always that bad. Dovie is Bax's best friend's sister and she see the layers too, and while she loves it when Bax is good to her, she too learns that sometimes he is better when he's bad.
This book has it all, hot bad boys, even worse criminals, people over coming their pasts to be together and sexy sexy sexy!

Written in My Own Heart's Blood - Diana Gabaldon

I think this has been the happiest I have been with the ending of a book from this series since Voyager. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed all of Diana Gabaldon Outlander books; the first 3 will always be my favorites though but Written in My Own Heart's Blood is at the top of the list too. While this book had a lot of story lines in them enough of them crossed that I did not feel I was missing characters too often. While I will always want more Jamie and Claire time this book had a better balance of other story lines then past books. I was also very very happy with the ending, a lot of story lines were tied up nicely and I can happily say no cliff hangers! Maybe a small ledge as there are still issues to be resolved but no cliff this time.

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

This is the last of this series and I am sad to see it go but it was wrapped up wonderfully. I was a huge fan of the first 3 books, I wish book 4 was never written but Cassandra Clare redeemed herself with book 5 and certainly ended the series well with book 6. We have some deaths but they are manageable and for the most part justified ( not that anything Sebastian does is really justifiable but it works for the story line) The story is action packed and does not give you much time to come up for air but she does find ways to balance the book with entries or humor and romance through out the book. I also loved the fact that Jem and Tessa got parts in this book, I loved the Infernal Devices series just as much if not more and was happy to see them included. Luckily we are not done with this world and we get more of it and if we are lucky a few of our favorite characters will be seen again in the next series.

Tease - Sophie Jordan

Tease is another great book by Sophie Jordan. I think a lot of us will be fighting over Shaw. Shaw is a take charge, take no prisoners kind of guy and I loved every minute of it. Emerson pretends to be the same but in reality it is just a shield and Shaw see right through it. Emerson does not know what to do with her feeling for Shaw when she swore she would never have real feeling for a guy. It is a joy to watch Emerson come out of her secret shell and it is just a joy to watch Shaw pull her out.

The Witch of Belladonna Bay - Suzanne Palmieri

This is another beautifully written book by Suzanne Palmieri. She does a wonderful job of unfolding the story is such a way that you are surprised and touched all at the same time. Many times during the story we are just as confused by what is going on as Wyn is but in a way that makes of feel for Wyn's guilt for being away for so long. All of the characters have pasts that they need to come to terms with, some more then others and who to trust and who to love is all part of the mystery. This is a stand alone novel but weaves people and history from The Witch of Little Italy which makes this book that much more charming.

All Lined Up

All Lined Up - Cora Carmack

This is a latest book by Cora Carmack and just like the others it is charming, sweet and has just the right amount of humor. Dallas is a freshman in college, where her protective father is the new football coach, Carson is a transfer student hoping to get a spot on the team and a scholarship so he can afford to finish college. The last thing Dallas wants is to date a football player but when she falls into Carson arms fate seems to have other plans. This a a wonderful start to a series that is about finding your place in the world, growing up and finding love. Looking forward to the rest of the series too!